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Yacht building industry

Polish shipyards are leaders in terms of sales to Spain, Germany, France and Great Britain. Polish vessels are associated with high quality laminates, precise outfitting and modern construction. High quality stems from the fact that many elements are handcrafted.

Poland is a real hive of boat building activity which provides thousand of people with employment. The official government statistical office figures state that at the end of the year 2004 there were 845 registered boat building and servicing businesses.

The so called ‘Big Five’ of the Polish boatyards, which include Balt Yacht, Delphia Yachts, Galeon, Ostróda Yachts and Ślepsk, export nearly 100% of their production. Due to this fact the yacht production sector has grown by more than fivefold over the last five years, while the value of its sales reached almost PLN 500 million. The companies also managed to double the number of their employees. Amongst other boatyards systematically chasing the leaders are: Skipper Yacht, Tes Yachts, Teras, Mirage, Sasanka.

Polish boatyards thanks to a boost in exports (together with a much better financial condition) are beginning to invest in the production of much larger vessels. An example of such case can be taken from Delphia Yachts which presented its new model, the Delphia 44, at the 2004 boat shows in Düsseldorf and Genoa, where more than a dozen of these yachts were sold on the spot.

Source: PAIiIZ S.A., March 2006

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